After another long wait, we're super happy to announce the launch of Checketry for the Google Play Store! We would appreciate it if you give the app a download and make an account (if you haven't already).

Unlike the process of launching for iOS, the Android launch was very simple. The app was accepted almost instantly and made live on the Play Store in less than 30 mins. The app is almost identical to the iOS version with just some slight design differences, but functionality is the same.

First (1.0.0) version release notes.

Basically the exact same as Checketry for iOS, Checketry for Android is a companion app for the download manager app on desktop and has many of the same features:

  • Track download progress from desktop: you can view how your downloads are doing on your Android device and see relevant information like time remaining, file size and internet speed.
  • Manage download progress: you can also manage the downloads by pausing, resuming and cancelling (usually deletes the download) desktop downloads from Android.
  • Shut-down timer: set a timer for your computer to turn off after downloads are done. Great if you don't like your computer running long after downloads are finished.
  • Toggle sleep settings: you can also toggle your sleep settings if you forgot to change them if you left you're computer running. This is super useful if you don't want your computer to turn off during a download.
  • Schedule downloads: currently for Steam only - you can start your Steam downloads from your mobile phone while you are away from your device.

So please, give the app a download, it would mean so much to us ❤️.

Next steps, going forward.

Post-release we are going to continue to work on Checketry by adding new features and integrations. Currently, we are working on adding push notifications in iOS and Android to alert you when downloads are done, for example. We have also planned to add a few more browsers: Opera, Microsoft Edge and Safari. You can always provide suggestions for more apps and features to add!